• Madhuji - English
    Madhuji - English

    Madhuji is a work that opens the heart. The book recounts an existence outside of time and the search for the masculine and feminine aspects that coexist in all of us. Living as liberated women and men: this is the true secret of happiness and love.

    It is thanks to fantasy that reality becomes true. And that which seems impossible will come to pass.” 

    The novel’s title, Madhuji, is derived from the Sanskrit adjective “Madhu”, which means sweet, appealing, delicious, bitter and pungent. In its masculine noun form, it signifies the first month of the year, springtime. As a neutral noun, it can mean a burden, an inebriating beverage or honey (Sanskrit - Italian / Italian – Sanskrit Dictionary, by Tiziano Pontillo, Ed. Garzanti, Milan 1993 - A. Vallardi). 

    At my initiation, my yoga master, Vasudeva, gave me the name Madhu, he said: Madhu,  the suffix “ji” reflects my deep respect and affection for you. 

    My first novel could have no other title. :)

    Publisher: I Libri dell’Uomo delle Fiabe

    Print version
    Cover price: Euro 18,00
    Madhuji - year 2012 - 104 pages - Binding

    English translation by Pamela McCourt Francescone
    ISBN 978-88-908740-5-5

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